Monolithic Isolation Joints

Monolithic isolation joints are the premium choice to provide cathodic protection along a pipeline.
Isolation joints are boltless and completely factory assembled, utilising the double seal system to provide superior strength and excellent protection against leakage.
Once installed, they require zero maintainance, so can be buried underground and relied upon to stop any current flowing through the pipeline.

Flange Kits

Flange kits are used as the seal between two flanges on a pipe line. While not as secure or robust as monolithic isolation joints, they do provide an excellent seal where cost and installation time are an issue, as well as requiring very little maintenance.

Cathodic Protection

We can provide most aspects of cathodic protection, including sacrificial anodes, marker posts and blind tees. We are also more than happy to give advice on cathodic systems, be it prior to installation or managing the current setup.